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Two Eisner 2007 nominations! BEST NEW SERIES and BEST COVER ARTIST!

A fiery horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust and a hearty hi-yo Silver. The Lone Ranger! With those words, fans young and old grew to love the Lone Ranger and now, Dynamite Entertainment proudly presents the definitive collection of their all-new Lone Ranger series! Featuring the all-star creative team of writer Brett Matthews, art director and cover artist John Cassaday, artist Sergio Cariello, colorist Dean White and letterer Simon Bowland, the Lone ranger has grown to be THE most talked about comic of the year! And now, all 6 issues are presented in one ultimate hardcover collection -- the complete story of how John Reid was transformed into the Lone Ranger, and, along with his partner Tonto, set a new standard of justice in the Old West! Also features a complete cover gallery featuring all of Cassaday's covers for the series, and more! ADVANCE SOLICITED, SHIPPING IN MAY


The Lone Ranger continues from Dynamite with issue #7 of the ongoing series - beginning a brand new storyline - - and debuting after the extra special story from The Lone Ranger Free Comic Book Day Comic read by the hundreds of thousands of fans on Free Comic Book Day!

That's right, the Lone Ranger is back with the creative team that has forever left their mark on the most famous of lawmen - John Reid as he continues his quest for justice in the Old West. Aided by Tonto, Lone Ranger #7 opens a new chapter for the famous duo and, to help launch this dynamite new story John Cassaday is creating two connecting covers!
Find out what everyone's been talking about in June as the Lone Ranger rides again!


He said he'll be back and DYNAMITE'S got him - only it's not just the T - 800 that will be featured in the all new Terminator comic book series, but the T - 1000 and the all - new T - Infinity!

Legendary Transformers writer Simon Furman is at the helm along with NEW BATTLESTAR GALACTICA artist Nigel Raynor as they unleash the "Trial by Fire"! In this opening DYNAMITE TERMINATOR 2 event, Skynet sets out to destroy the Terminators in the past to preserve their (mostly) human free future! Starring all the familiar characters from the smash film in the dark, post - apocalyptic future as seen in the films! Issue #1 features exciting covers by Pat Lee, Stjepan Sejic and Nigel Raynor!


Taking place some time after the series finale of Xena: Warrior Princess and before the events of the "Contest of Pantheons." - featured in DYNAMITE'S XENA #'S 1-4 - "Dark Xena" finds Gabrielle making a request of the Gods and learning that you must be very, very careful, what you wish for, and how you wish for it!

In this issue: Dark Xena continues as Gabrielle and Joxer devise a plan to infiltrate Xena's deadly gang and save their friend! Plus, what plans does Ares, the God of War, have for this new and deadly Warrior Princess! Find out in this issue "(Re)Born Bad!"

Featuring a trio of art covers: Stjepan Sejic, Jonathan Lau and Fabiano Neves along with another Xena photo cover!


As seen on the Sci Fi Channel! Jane is back! The creative team of Joe Quesada, Jimmy Palmiotti and Lee Moder return for an all - new Painkiller Jane event!

The story that exploded (literally!) out of issue #0 and barreled into issue #1 continues here as Jane faces "the Infidel" - - a new character that will play a major role in note only this series, but in Jane's entire future! All guided by Jane creators Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti and PKJ artist Lee Moder!

Featuring cover art by Amanda (Supergirl) Conner and Alecia Rodriguez!

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