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First Born

First Born #1 (of 3) (W) Ron Marz ?(A) Stjepan Sejic? (Cov) Marc Silvestri, Stjepan Sejic. The most important story to ever hit the Top Cow Universe arrives in July! Witchblade writer Ron Marz ( Ion, Samurai: Heaven & Earth) pairs with Croatian painting sensation Stjepan Sejic (The Darkness: Level 1, Witchblade) as Sara Pezzini, on leave from the NYPD, awaits the arrival of her child. But unknown to her, epic events are unfolding. Agents of the Angelus are seeking a new host, but first they want mob boss Jackie Estacado out of the way... permanently. The cold war between Dark and Light is heating up and the stage for the next incredible year is set here! First Born #1 features covers by Marc Silvestri & Stjepan Sejic and a stunning tri-fold variant by Sejic. Cover A)? Marc Silvestri Cover B)? Stjepan Sejic Full Color??32 pages??????? $2.99????????????????????????? Limited Series


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