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SUPERMAN CHRONICLES - IN THE BEGINNING! 1st June 1938. Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster created the most sensational and enduring comics character ever in Action Comics #1. They introduced the world to an alien fallen to Earth who uses his incredble powers to help mankind! With his brightly-coloured costume and thrilling adventures, Superman quickly became - and remains - the world's best known and most popular superhero. This handsome new book collected the very first adventures of the Man of Steel, reprinting the stories sequentially from Action Comics #1, up to his debut in his eponymous comic, Superman #1, twelve months later. Impossible to find in their original format for less than $200,000, these stories are sure to thrill a whole new generation of readers!

JSA: BLACK VENGEANCE - THE ORIGINAL AND STILL THE BEST! The original sueprhero team-up, the Justice Society of America, is made up of Earth's mightiest Golden Age defenders - whose ranks include Flash, Power Girl, Dr. Mid-nite, Mr Terrific and Hawkgirl! Stargirl's life is irrevocably changed when her adoptive family are murdered, part of a devious plan by a time-travelling villain! Can the JSA save themselves from temporal annihilation, as well as stopping the assassination of the President of the United States?

JLA: THE GREATEST STORIES EVER TOLD - THE WORLD'S FINEST! Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman, the Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, The Atom, Black Canary, Aquaman - each a mighty hero in their own right, but together they are the world's greatest team of super-heroes - the Justice League of America! Since their inception, the Justice League of America have fought side by side to protec\t the world from invasion, inequality amd injustice! This volume collects some of their greatest triumphs, including the controversial storyline that inspired the hit Identity Crisis series!

SWAMP THING - HEALING THE BREACH - The acclaimed Swamp Thing returns in a story that explores this seminal character's history, set against a backdrop of Nixon's America and unnatural disasters! As the state of Louisiana is ravaged by a hurricane, a world-weary Swamp Thing, severed from his memmories and human personality, retires to the dark waters that created him. Dr Jordan Schiller, a man who shared a complicated history with the man Swamp Thing used to be, must convince him to rejoin the world - because something horrific beneath the Mexican sea is already on the rise!

ALAN MOORE: TOMORROW STORIES - Alan Moore continues to shape, mould and batter the superhero genre with this second satirical and sly collection of Tomorrow Stories! Once more you can thrill to the genre-twisting exploits of the liquid avenger, Splash Brannigan, and the comely crimebuster, Cobweb; tremble before the genetic superpower of the First American, and the towering intellect of child inventor Jack B, and swoon before gentleman sleuth Greyshirt! Illustrating these terrific tales is an awesome collection of artistic talent, including Kevin Nowlan and Rick Veitch, all of them giving life to the imagination of the comic industry's greatest writer!

KID ETERNITY - EVEN HEAVEN MAKES MISTAKES... From the twisted minds of best-selling writer Grant Morrison and master painter Duncan Fegredo, comes a Messiah for the new millennium! When Heaven accidentally claims the soul of a young boy 75 years tpp early, "the kid" is given the power to resurrect any dead human he desires. But the Kid has been in Hell for the last thirty years; and when a dying stand-up comedian inadvertently frees him, he's terrified to discover that Hell's still snapping at his heels. Now Kid Eternity, his new companion, and every dead person who ever lived must strive to enlighten a new generation, before darkness consumes the world. But is the Kid - or his past - all that they seem? Warning - Adults only!

Meet the Birds of Prey: Oracle, a computer genius; Black Canary, armed with a voice that can shatter stone; and Huntress, a formidable vigilante with something to prove. Three teenagers commit suicide under mysterious circumstances, dressed as long dead super-heroes. The Birds track their origins to a sinister cult in the back-waters of Oregon, led by an overtly friendly man named Bresaw. There, the Huntress uncovers a plot involving the brain-washing of costumed heroes...changing the welcome atmosphere into a chaotic fight for survival! This action-packed collection of comics' sexiest heroes is written by fan favourite and rising star Gail Simone ("Superman") with fantastic artwork by Ed Benes ("X-Men").

High above Earth, aboard the fifty-mile-wide alien vessel known as The Carrier, live The Authority - guardians of Earth, the multiverse, and everything! The Doctor is dead, Midnighter has deserted, and the world's most powerful team of super-beings is on the verge of collapse. Henry Bendix, the crazed genius who created Apollo and Midnighter, has returned from the dead to wreak havoc on the world at large...and The Authority in particular! Brubaker and Nguyen take comics' most controversial characters to new heights in this latest collection packed with widescreen action and a darkly satiric take on the superhero genre!

Acclaimed writer Garth Ennis ("Preacher", "Punisher") returns with his second volume of tales that span the world's most bloodied and war-torn battlefields, illustrated by some of the greatest artists working in comics today! Tackling two different wars in four outlandish tales: from the North African desert, the skies over Germany, the battlefields of Spain and the waters of the North Atlantic, "War Stories" takes you to the heart of the action and the horrors of battle. Featuring a new afterword by Garth Ennis, these frenetic stories of violence, friendship and survival against impossible odds are an essential addition to any graphic novel collection!

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