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Written by Rick Remender, art by Jerome Opena, colored by Michelle Madsen

With little hope, left Heath and Mara are forced to separate on two desperate missions to either relocate the remnants of humanity to a new world or cleanse Earth of the infestation of Feeder aliens. On the road to the Feeders' home world, to seek the monsters' natural predator, Heath finds himself facing the consequences for deeds committed by humanity years before. On the other side of the galaxy the motivations for Mara's treachery hold dire consequences for Charlotte and the new Fear Agents. Written by Rick Remender, art by Jerome Opena, colored by Michelle Madsen 


Written and art by Matt Wagner.

The original Grendel, Hunter Rose, returns in this new mini-series written and drawn by Matt Wagner! This is an untold chapter in the life of the greatest criminal mastermind in history -- a thrilling and horrifying glimpse into a time when Rose's novels were at the top of all the bestseller lists and rumors of the assassin Grendel were on the lips of every terrified mobster unfortunate enough to present an obstacle to Rose's utter domination of the city's underworld. For the first time in over a decade, Wagner returns to the character that made him famous to reveal the biggest secret of Rose's illustrious and bloody career as Grendel! Written and art by Matt Wagner.  


Written by Peter David, penciled by Bart Sears, inked by Randy Elliott, colored by Lucas Marangon

Danny Duncan's life is a mess. His job is mind-numbingly boring, his elderly father is slipping into senility, and since Danny got out of the Belle Foux treament facility people have been saying he's crazy. On top of all that, odd things have started to happen around Danny. People are behaving strangely around him, as if they're reacting to his thoughts and daydreams . . . What is this strange phenomenon, and how is it tied to Danny's recent stay at Belle Foux?



Written by John Jackson Miller, art by Brian Ching, Harvey Tolibao and Dustin Weaver, colored by Michael Atiyeh, cover by Weaver. For a thousand generations, the Jedi kept peace and order in the galaxy -- but things don't seem peaceful or orderly for Padawan Zayne Carrick, falsely accused of murder and thrust into the Mandalorian Wars! And here, readers can get the back-story on the scene, 3963 years before the Battle of Yavin! Check out illustrated profiles on Zayne and his outlaw friends; Lucien and the Covenant; Squint and the Jedi Crusaders; the Mandalorian invaders; and more! Written by series writer John Jackson Miller, the Handbook is perfect for catching up with the series so far -- while offering new information for regular readers, including an incredible cross-section of everyone's favorite junk hauler, The Last Resort, by series artist Dustin Weaver! Written by John Jackson Miller, art by Brian Ching, Harvey Tolibao and Dustin Weaver, colored by Michael Atiyeh, cover by Weaver.


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