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Dear Mystery Lover,

No matter how busy you are there should always be an excuse to read—especially when there are great new mysteries and crime novels out.

This month be sure to check out
, the true stories of Dr. Bill Bass, the renowned forensic scientist who has pioneered the cutting edge crime solving techniques that your favorite forensic thrillers and television series are based on.

Happy reading!

Until next time,

Scene of the Crime

by Dr. Bill Bass and Jon Jefferson

If television can be believed, high-tech forensic science now allows any murder or mystery to be solved, practically with the push of a button. But as Dr. Bass, the world-famous forensic anthropologist and founder of "The Body Farm,"reveals through his cases, real life and real murders are not that simple. Despite an increasingly potent arsenal of forensic weaponry, some murders remain tantalizingly unsolved; some killers remain free; and some victims still cry out for justice.

Learn more about Dr. Bass and his cutting edge work at "The Body Farm." Click here to watch a video of a
recent forensic investigation!

What Came Before He Shot Her
By Elizabeth George

Fantastic praise for Elizabeth George's What Came Before He Shot Her….
"A tour de force from a writer flexing her muscles as she's never done before....Absolutely riveting."
Entertainment Weekly (Grade: A)

"Powerful and richly detailed."
The Daily News (New York)

"[A] searing examination of the lives of one horribly dysfunctional family. . . . A stinging indictment of a society unable to respond effectively to the needs of its poorer citizens."
HarperCollins Mystery Bestsellers

The stunning debut thriller in which New York Times journalist Will Monroe must connect the deaths of seemingly unconnected men.

The Dreamland team races to recover missing nuclear warheads from militant Islamists, who have targeted Las Vegas for destruction.

The delightful fifth installment of the charming cozy mystery series featuring a reluctant psychic and her grandmother, a benevolent witch.

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