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HarperCollins Children’s Books and their customised publishing partner, Penwizard have joined forces with Noddy licensor, Chorion, to create the first ever Noddy personalised books with customised storylines and images. Customers create their book online at to include the child’s name, hair style and colour, eye colour and skin tone to recreate an image of the child. There’s even the option to add a personal  message. The simple three step process takes just a few minutes to complete and books are delivered either direct to the child or to the customer within 5 to 14 days. On launch there will be three personalized Noddy adventures to choose from. In *Name* Saves Toy Town, All the colours in toy town get washed away and the child flies with Noddy into a rainbow to get the colour back but will things ever be the same again…

In A Gift for *Name* and A Christmas Gift for *Name*, Noddy goes off in search of the perfect gift for the chosen child’s special occasion and finally sings the child a specially  composed song. The books are printed using advanced digital offset printing presses and can be printed in multiple languages from a single location.

The customised Noddy adventures are available at and offer a quality gift solution and an interactive reading experience which will harness the interest of younger readers as they become the stars of the story!

For the first time ever, children get the chance to enter Toy Town and star alongside ever-popular children’s character, Noddy in their very own unique adventure…

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